"Char Tosi’s book is a must read for any man or woman interested in fathoming the depths of the female psyche."
- Jim and Linda Brooks, Certified Facilitators of Shadow Work®

"This book is a gift to men. It welcomes us on a journey into the realm of feminine archetypes, which have the power to make us more whole, loving, and open to the feminine wisdom that dwells within us."
- Don Jones M.Div., Wisdom for the Journey

"On every page of Char’s book, you’ll find yourself, the women you care about, the women you don’t like, the women you wish you could be. Through these encounters, you’ll remember your place in the sisterhood of Womankind."
- Jude Blitz, MA, Co-Founder of the Women in Power Works

"Char Tosi invites us to walk our own path, leaving no stone unturned. Her book guides us to know and value who we are and what we can be. I recommend this book to both clinical and lay audiences without reservation."
- Amy Pershing, LCSW, Founding Director at Bodywise Binge Eating Recovery Program

"An easy to read guide that takes us deeper into the world of the Divine Feminine. Char Tosi cuts through the complex language of female archetypes and brings the landscape into clear focus with simple metaphors, personal stories, and plain speaking."
- George Daranyi, Esq., ManMaking; Men Helping Boys on Their Journey to Manhood